Cathy sprained both of her ankles

Cathy-SoccerIt has been such a treat to have a wife that is into taking care of herself, staying active inspite of all the responsibilities of motherhood, wife, work, and friend. Just recently Cathy started playing soccer. She’s never played before and it’s been fun for her and her teammates. However, she’s also learned about the pains that sometimes go with the sport. She recently sprained both of her ankles and was a bit bummed as to how that would affect her being able to play. Fortunately we’ve both been athletes and have used some of the standard remedies to help the healing process. But one thing she had never used was essential oils to help her sprains. This time we used a combination of oils and it was truly amazing to see the speed at which her body recovered. We used Young Living’s Palo Santo, PanAway, and Regenelin. I kid you not, that in less than 24 hours, her swelling was improved by over 70% and within 48 hours she was very close to 100%. I myself had never seen this kind of recovery. Of course some healing still needed to happen. But what a head start with a few simple tools. I share this story especially for those weekend warriors that are constantly looking for resources to help them stay healthy and active. I trust Cathy’s story will help you. Press here for more details on Young Living.


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