Pamela’s Diarrhea – Essential Oils That Helped

I successfully recovered from a bout of food poisoning with symptoms of fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

On the 1st day, I put 2-drops of peppermint on each foot, behind the lobes of my head and on my temples for the nausea along with a cold wash cloth. I drank as much of the Master Cleanse with Agave (2 tsp lemon juice, 2 tsp Blue Agave, 1/10 tsp pepper) as I could while I was awake and slept a great deal. The lemonade made sure I stayed hydrated as my body used the diarrhea to flush the poison from my body. I also had 1 ounce of NingXia red every day, but nothing else except the lemonade and or a glass of water with a drop of Thieves or Peppermint.

I also rubbed Thieves over my abdomen and on my feet to boost my immune system and combat what was going on inside. I live on a small farm so the chores still have to get done, it was taking me 3-hours to accomplish what I can do in a normal day in 20 minutes – I was moving very slowly!

After 3 days I added 2 tsp ICP in the morning to help with the cleansing, which didn’t help the diarrhea but, felt like the right thing since I wanted to be sure everything was cleaned out of me. I then added 1 Essentialzyme in the evening before bedtime, and then added a ComfortTone in the morning.

After 5 days I was moving, albeit slowly and so added in Kefir & yogurt in the morning with a little granola, and a potato soup with celery & carrot for supper. I continued with Essentialzyme to rebuild the enzymes in my body in the morning 1-hour before I ate, and before bedtime.

After 6 days I was able to get a rain-drop and felt well enough after that – ok maybe I didn’t feel well enough but I was outside working in the yard which was a big improvement! I continued to go slow with food sticking to the lemonade, and made a vegetable soup with beef stock and was back to working on the farm by the 9th day.

Author: Pamela Means

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